The Starter UI Kit

You will get UI elements like bars, content views, controls, icons, charts and essentials interaction pieces for representing common tasks. 

Every word you display in an app is part of a conversation you have with users. Our pieces are prepare with a durable write-on/wipe-off surface works with wet-erase markers

Type Nº Pieces Elements
 Content 48  Content views: Paragraph module, 33% width img module, 50% width img module, 50% width img + text module, 50% oval img moduleImg + text module, Horizontal scroll images, Video audio players
Tabs 25
One tab, two and three tabs, Hamburger menu & Nav bar
Icons 125
Add, Alarm, Arrows, avatar, back, bubbles, buy, calendar, close, comment, delete, edit, free, happy, heart, input text, like, map location, next, ok
Forms 45
Check buttons, radio buttons, switchers, comments, select, data picker, card form, calendars, text area and login form
    Buttons 40
    next, ok, pause, play, edit, send, view, slider
    Alerts 6
    Alert msgs: Info, Edit, Correct, Incorrect
    Charts 5
    Line chart, Map, Pie chart, Column chart, Bar chart