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Playtemplate is a physical UI, toolkit that will help you during your design thinking process and brainstorming meetings, to capture the different proposals for your apps. You will build your ideas in a fast and agile way, by means of the included magnetized screens and pieces.

The kit consists of 9 sheets of magnetic UI elements. All pieces are prepared with a dry-erase surface, ready for you to write down your keywords.

Write on / Wipe off.

Build and create with your team in a swift and visual way without missing out on the details. You can brainstorm and try what works best and what does not. Easy to build, easy to iterate on your ideas, undo or rebuild. Using Playtemplate will engage your design team during your prototyping sessions. It definitely simplifies the prototyping process, adds value, saves time and enables you to seize essential aspects of your ideas.

Pages items Elements
Text components 48 Paragraph module, 33% width image module, 50% width  image module, 50% width image + text module, Image and text module, Horizontal scroll images, Video audio players
Social icons 44
Share, send links, like icons, chat bubbles, social login
Icons 63
Next, back, add, pause, play, edit, send, search, add, alarm, arrows, avatars, Close, Comment, Delete, Edit, smile, heart, like, calendar
Form elements 26
Check buttons, radio buttons, switches, comments, select area, data picker, credit card form, Input texts, Text area, popup alert,  notification alerts, dropdowns
Shapes 13
 Square boxes, rounded elements, calendar
Headers 6 Tabs, chat message bar, two tabs, three tabs, search bar
Charts 5
Line chart, Map, Pie chart, Column chart, Bar chart
Maps 11 Maps, Map locations
Buttons 24 Back, close, next, buy, steppers, continue